Pollution fears in River Tud as sewage leaks from pumping station and manholes in Costessey

Raw sewage is continuing to leak into a river from an unfinished housing estate, three years after promises were made to halt the problem, according to a parish council.

Concerns were raised at Costessey Parish Council that waste was reaching the River Tud from the Queen's Hills estate pumping station and from manholes at the retail park on William Frost Way.

The Environment Agency said it had two reports of raw sewage leaking from the station in the past year, and was now working to solve the problem.

But photos submitted to our website www.iwitness24.co.uk suggest sewage is frequently leaking into the river.

In 2009, promises were made that the flow of sewage would be stemmed after leaks from the faulty pumping station.

Norfolk county councillor for Costessey Tim East, pictured, said: 'There is not the capacity in the pumping station.

'If it is leaking now, what is it going to be like in a couple of years when there are additional houses?

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'They are taking some remedial action, but it is taking a very long time to resolve.'

It is understood that a warning system in the station, which was supposed to send alerts when sewage leaked, has failed because there is no mobile phone signal in the river valley.

South Norfolk District Council said it had received no complaints about the pumping station since 2010 and a defect at the pumping station was repaired in 2009 at the time of a leak.

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