Poll: Do you think this poster removed from the high street by a Norwich mum is damaging to children?

FCUK Poster; Photo credit: Submitted.

FCUK Poster; Photo credit: Submitted. - Credit: Archant

A high street clothes shop has agreed to remove a controversial poster featuring a naked model from its store windows across the country following action from a Norwich mum.

Retailer French Connection UK (FCUK) agreed last week to remove its 'From Sketch To Store' posters.

The move followed pressure from the campaign group Child Eyes, whose supporters flooded FCUK's Facebook and Twitter feed.

Child Eyes organiser Claire Riseborough, of Norwich, led the campaign.

Mum to son James, she said: 'We are delighted that FCUK has removed these images featuring sexualised naked models.

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'These images contribute to the huge problem of sexualisation of children by the media. They also send out the damaging message that sexual pictures are public property and the objectification of women is aspirational.'

Ms Riseborough added that these types of images have been proven in recent government research to be harmful to children by objectifying the female body and promoting public nudity as being normal.

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In previous correspondence to Ms Riseborough, FCUK said it had 'always pushed the boundaries' when advertising – with its recent campaign being 'no exception' – and said it was something it was 'proud' of.

But in a statement issued last week FCUK confirmed that it would remove the posters from all of its store windows by Friday last week.

However, the posters would continue to be displayed inside the stores for the remainder of the season.

The FCUK statement added: 'The Advertising Standards Authority does not see the campaign as misleading, harmful or offensive so we reserve the right to continue to display the campaign throughout our stores. We do understand this particular campaign is one the public are very much divided on but we do want to stress we've had a very good reaction from our customer base overall.

'We hope the compromise of taking the offending shots in question out of the store windows will be a satisfactory compromise.'

Child Eyes is a national campaign run by unfunded volunteer parents and is currently campaigning for legislation to make it illegal to display porn around children.

Since its petition launch in March it has received more than 23,000 signatures, as well as support on Facebook and Twitter.

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