Poll: Do buskers add to the attractiveness of Fakenham on Market Day?

Fakenham on market day. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Fakenham on market day. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Archant

That's the message from the town council, which has published a code of conduct for performers. But what do you think?

Buskers sometimes play at the Thursday Market, with the street outside Benbow's Fruit and Veg shop a popular pitch.

'Street performing (busking) is a time-honoured art form which, when well done, can add to the colour and attractiveness of

the local area,' it says.

The code warns buskers should not solicit contributions from the public, adding: 'This is begging and you could be arrested or prosecuted if you do.'

It also says buskers should not be so loud that they can be heard more than 30m away, while performers should turn down amplifiers or play 'quieter tunes' if members of the public complain about noise.

For those living or working in the vicinity, busking can become intrusive and annoying and may lead to nuisance being caused,' says its code. 'This could warrant action by the authorities, especially when amplification is used.'

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It adds acts have a responsibility to perform safely and should carry out a risk assessment and consider whether they need public liability insurance.