WATCH: Who is standing in the General Election 2017 in Norwich North and why do they think you should vote for them?

PUBLISHED: 18:45 06 June 2017 | UPDATED: 18:45 06 June 2017

General election candidates for Norwich North (L-R): Adrian Holmes (Green), Chloe Smith (Conservative), Chris Jones (Labour) and Hugh Lanham (Liberal Democrat)

General election candidates for Norwich North (L-R): Adrian Holmes (Green), Chloe Smith (Conservative), Chris Jones (Labour) and Hugh Lanham (Liberal Democrat)


We asked the general election candidates in Norwich North to tell us why you should vote for them on Thursday, June 8. We also invited them to submit videos outlining their three priorities. This is what they said:

Adrian Holmes (Green)

“I am Adrian Holmes, former city councillor and I’m standing for the Green Party in Norwich North. I grew up in Norfolk and went to local state schools before graduating as a geophysicist.

“We are facing a crisis that will affect the future of everybody in the UK and the rest of the world. We have to tackle global warming now for the sake of future generations.

“We can’t do that without a more inclusive, fairer society, where everybody has a decent standard of living and access to free public healthcare and education.

“As a parent, I understand the problems young people are facing today, whether in finding work or continuing their education. “Equally, I understand the challenges facing carers having to take time off work to look after elderly or infirm relatives. We need a financial safety net that supports all of us, whatever we do.

“The Green Party is unique in supporting the introduction of a basic income for all. The government would pay every citizen a small amount of money to provide that safety net.

“With a basic income we could eradicate poverty in this country overnight. Parts of Norwich North have child poverty levels of over 40pc and I find this wholly unacceptable.

“We need a radical alternative to the status quo politics of other parties, to fight inequality and poverty. If you want to elect a real alternative voice to the mainstream, please vote for me on June 8.”

Chris Jones (Labour)

“For the last 30 years I’ve been an NHS doctor in mental health.

“I’ve seen at first hand the damage done to our public services by this government, and that’s why I’m standing in this election: for me it’s not enough to give individual patients the best treatment, we also need to treat the underlying policies that are destroying people’s lives.

“That means investing more in health, education and social care, but it also means tackling the growing inequality in our society. Too many people are being left behind while those at the top only look after themselves.

“Working families who see their real income falling, young people denied an opportunity to get on the housing ladder, older people facing insecurity and uncertainty in old age are all being failed by the politics of austerity and selfishness.

“I believe that we can do better, and that we will all benefit from a society that works for everyone and that is built on cooperation and mutual support not on competition.

“Those principles underpin the NHS, they have been the basis of my career as a doctor, and they are the values that I want to take forward into politics.

“We will never have a country that’s good for any of us to live in until we have a country that is good for everyone - that’s why the Labour Party stands for the many not the few, a society where no-one is left behind, and why I am asking for your support on June 8.”

Hugh Lanham (Liberal Democrat)

“I live with my wife near Fakenham where we run a smallholding producing our own food from the house we built ourselves. I enjoy singing, playing the flute and woodturning.

“I am a chartered accountant and set up my practice near Cambridge. This experience has given me insight into a range of businesses, charities and other organisations and I have specialised in social housing and financial services.

“Inequality has been allowed to increase greatly over the past few decades and I believe that the Brexit vote was, in great part, a symptom of the discontent this has brought.

“I see real fear and uncertainty in people affected by Brexit: those working in other countries, those selling their goods and services throughout the Union and those whose prospects will be ripped from them by an unknown future.

“I also see real costs for all of us from the devaluation of the pound and from inflation that will erode people’s savings and spending power.

“The futures of local EU citizens working in the NHS, care and agricultural sectors remain insecure. Many have left the UK or are planning to return home, taking their skills with them. The effect of them leaving, particularly on our hospitals, will be significant.

“I am angry that this Conservative government does not take climate change seriously. The threat to our communities and natural environment around the world is real and profound. We need investment in renewables that will make us a world leader in green energy and create jobs and growth, and an end to the Conservatives’ cuts to solar and wind power.”

Liam Matthews (Pirate Party UK)

No words provided

Chloe Smith (Conservative) “I work hard for everyone in the constituency. Over eight years, I’ve helped thousands of people. “I get major results for the city, such as when I’ve directly helped hundreds of young people into work, and when I’ve secured millions of pounds of investment in our transport links so that more jobs come to Norwich in the future.

“You can rely on me again to work for more jobs, more homes and better transport. I want good schools and I support our NHS. I want north Norwich to stay a great place to live, work, bring up a family or retire.

“I will continue to speak up in Parliament for Norwich North — for the best Brexit deal and many other important issues.

“In fact, I’m the only candidate in Norwich North who will work positively for a good Brexit deal because I care about a better future for ordinary working people here.

“This election is about strong, stable leadership. Only Theresa May can get the best Brexit deal for Britain, which will secure a better future for all of us in north Norwich too. Every vote cast for the Conservatives will strengthen Britain’s hand in the hard negotiations ahead, so I urge people to come together and get behind the best chance for Britain and Norwich.

“With your vote at this election, you can have a hard-working community MP and the strong leadership that will actually deliver for you and a fairer, more prosperous Britain.”

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