Everything you need to know about the May 2019 local elections - Broadland edition

PUBLISHED: 16:33 10 April 2019 | UPDATED: 21:12 14 April 2019

Evie the dog waits outside a polling station.

Evie the dog waits outside a polling station.

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On May 2, voters will be heading to the polls across the county, with all seats up for grabs across all seven districts of Norfolk. In the run-up to election day, local democracy reporter DAVID HANNANT previews the key issues in each of the districts. This time, it's Broadland District Council.

Andrew Proctor, leader of Norfolk County Council. Pic: Neil PerryAndrew Proctor, leader of Norfolk County Council. Pic: Neil Perry

What is the make-up of the council?

Broadland District Council is made of 47 councillors, representing 27 wards.

It is currently Conservative-led, which it has been since 1976 - save for a five year period between 1994 and 1999 when there was no overall control.

Liberal Democrat Dan Roper. Pic: Liberal Democrats.Liberal Democrat Dan Roper. Pic: Liberal Democrats.

There are currently 41 Tories and six Liberal Democrat councillors.

How many seats are up for grabs?

All 47 seats are being contested for, with Broadland being one of the councils which holds full elections every four years.

What are the main talking points?

Shaun Vincent, Broadland District Council's portfolio holder for planning.Shaun Vincent, Broadland District Council's portfolio holder for planning.

With one of the county’s most unevenly balanced swings in the council chamber, the Conservative group will be confident of retaining their control of the district.

However, one notable absentee from the list of candidates is former Broadland leader Andrew Proctor.

Mr Proctor, who stepped down as leader to succeed Cliff Jordan as Norfolk County Council leader, has opted against continuing as a twin-hatter and is not standing in the Brundall ward.

In his absence, this ward has a heavily stacked ballot paper with the Labour, Green and Conservative groups all fielding two candidates for its two seats.

Elsewhere, a councillor who has represented his current ward for more than 40 years is set to fight in a separate ward.

Tony Adams, who was first elected to the Hellesdon South East ward in 1976, will instead be standing in Taverham North.

The misalignment of parliamentary and district boundaries mean that some candidates are selected by Norwich groups and others by Broadland. Mr Adams was de-selected by the Norwich Tory group for his current ward, then swiftly nominated by the Broadland group for Taverham.

In Wroxham, Stephen Heard is looking to take a seat on the very council he once took to the high court over the joint core strategy in 2013. Mr Heard is standing as a Liberal Democrat.

Meanwhile, Glenn Tingle, who has stood as a parliamentary candidate for UKIP in the past has quit the group and is standing as an independent councillor in Burlingham.
Who is leading the main groups and where are they standing?

After succeeding Andrew Proctor as council leader, this election will be Shaun Vincent’s first as Tory group leader.

Mr Vincent is looking to hold his seat in the Plumstead ward and faces just one opponent in Andrew Cawdron - who is representing the Green Party. Mr Cawdron was one of the most vocal objectors to the Northern Distributor Road.

Dan Roper, leader of the Liberal Democrat group is on the Spixworth with St Faith ballot, on which two candidates from Lib Dem, Labour and Tory groups will be fighting for two seats.

One of Mr Roper’s opponents will be a fellow county councillor, Labour’s Brenda Jones.

Where do I go to vote? Anything else I need to know?

The council’s polling stations open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday, May 2. Those already registered to vote will have already received polling cards, but those yet to register have until Friday, April 12, to do so.

To register to vote visit

What if I can’t get to a polling station?

Those who are unable to get to 
a polling station on May 2 can apply to vote by post or by 
proxy via Broadland Council’s website.


■James Barker(LD)

■Tony Hemmingway (L)

■Lana Hempsall (C)


■Sue Catchpole (LD)

■David Harrison (LD)

■Peter Harwood (L)

■Lloyd Mills (-)

■Steve Riley (LD)

■Philip Williams (L)

■Jonathan Wilton (C)

Blofield with South Walsham

■Nigel Brennan (C)

■Claire Lees (L)

■Malcolm Prior (LD)

■Glenn Springett (L)

■Justine Thomas (C)


■Jan Davis (G)

■Carolina Fernandez (G)

■Alice Free (L)

■Marianne Gibbs (L)

■Rebecca Grattan (C)

■Eleanor Mason (LD)

■Michael Snowling (C)


■Christopher Jones (L)

■Clare Ryman-Tubbn (C)

■Lynn Smithdale (G)

■Deanne Thomas (LD)

■Glenn Tingle (I)


■Tim Catmull (C)

■Karen Lawrence (LD)

■Stephen McNair (L)


■Jo Copplestone (C)

■Sarah Crane (LD)

■Campbell Jones (L)

Drayton North

■Adrian Crotch (C)

■Ian Leach(LD)

Drayton South

■Fran Cawdron (LD)

■Roger Foulger (C)

■Christine Hemmingway (L)


■Jo Emmerson (L)

■Greg Peck (C)

■Dota Williams (LD)

Great Witchingham

■Peter Bulman (C)

■Ruth Goodall(L)

■Cameron Phillips (LD)

Hellesdon North West

■Bibin Baby (L)

■Peter Balcombe (LD)

■Antony Crush (L)

■Shelagh Gurney (C)

■David King (C)

■Jean Markwell(LD)

■Kenneth Parsons (G)

Hellesdon South East

■David Britcher(LD)

■Ian Duckett(L)

■Bill Johnson (C)

■Gil Murray (G)

■Sue Prutton (C)

■Victor Scrivens(LD)

■Annie Thompson(L)


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■Allison Barker (LD)

■Grant Nurden (C)

■Julie Williams (L)

Old Catton and Sprowston West

■Martin Callam (LD)

■Bob Fowkes (LD)

■Jan Hooks (L)

■Kahn Johnson(G)

■Ken Leggett (C)

■Thomas Maxwell (LD)

■Barrie Osborne (L)

■Sarah Taylor (L)

■Karen Vincent(C)

■Samuel Walker (C)


■Andrew Cawdron (G)

■Shaun Vincent (C)


■Stuart Beadle (LD)

■Graham Everett (C)

■Sarah Morgan (G)

■Jonathan Rackham (L)

Spixworth with St Faith

■Bill Couzens (L)

■Stuart Dunn (C)

■Lawrence Hill (C)

■Susan Holland (LD)

■Brenda Jones (L)

■Dan Roper (LD)

Sprowston Central

■Peter Berry (C)

■Breanne Cook (L)

■John Gilson (UKIP)

■Natasha Harpley (L)

■Robin Knowles (C)

■Bali Kular (LD)

Sprowston East

■Audrey Elliott (LD)

■Judy Leggett (C)

■Ian Moncur (C)

■Alan Pawsey (L)

■Chrissie Rumsby (L)

■Sam Sirdar (LD)

■Harvey Tarlton (L)

■John Ward (C)

■Jane Wright (LD)

Taverham North

■Tony Adams (C)

■Louise Baldry (L)

■Veronica Beadle (LD)

■Richard Gill (C)

■Caroline Karimi-Ghovanlou (LD)

■Trevor Turk (L)

Taverham South

■Neil Brummage (L)

■Stuart Clancy (C)

■Malcolm Claxton (LD)

■Shirley Claxton (LD)

■Ken Kelly (C)

■Mo Steel (L)

Thorpe St Andrew North West

■John Fisher (C)

■Jon Goodwin (LD)

■Brian Howe(LD)

■Amy Jenkins (LD)

■Iain Mackie (C)

■Anne Roderick (L)

■Nigel Shaw (C)

■Alan Wright (L)

■Sue Wright (L)

Thorpe St Andrew South East

■Jonathan Emsell (C)

■Spencer Groombridge (G)

■Susan Lawn (C)

■Trudy Mancini-Boyle (C)

■Malcolm Martins (LD)

■Terry Phillips (L)

■Kate Rhind (G)

■Phyllida Scrivens (LD)

■Gary Tibbitts (L)

■Grant Tuner (LD)

■Nick Williams (L)


■Linda Aspland (LD)

■Nick Ball (G)

■Delyth Crook (G)

■Craig Dimbleby (UKIP)

■Stephen Heard (LD)

■Malcolm Kemp (L)

■Martin Murrell (C)

■Julia Wheeler (L)

■Fran Whymark (C)

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