Policija veic ALISAS DMITRIJEVAS, 17 gadi, slepkav?bas izmekl?�anu.

Police have issued an appeal in Latvian for information about murdered Alisa Dmitrijeva, whose body was found on the Royal estate at Sandringham on New Year's Day.

Par Alisas, kas n?k no Latvijas, pazu�anu no vi?as m?j?m Visb??? tika zi?ots 2011. gada 6. septembr?. Vi?as mirst?g?s atliekas tika atrastas me�? Anmer?, net?lu no King's Lynn, 2012. gada 1. janvr?.

Vai pazin?t Alisu vai ar? zin?j?t, kur Alisa atrodas, vai, ar ko vi?a bija kop? laika posm? starp 30. augustu un 6. septembri?

Vai Jums ir jebk?da inform?cija par vi?as pazu�anu vai vi?as n?vi?

Inform?jiet par to policiju konfidenci?li. zvanot pa tel. 101.

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