Police to give young people in Breckland gift vouchers and cinema tickets for good behaviour


- Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2012

Rewards for young people who show good behaviour are at the centre of a new pilot scheme being launched by police today.

Officers in Breckland will be issuing 'positive notices' to young people who demonstrate good behaviour in their communities.

Recipients will be able to choose rewards to exchange their notices for – from gift vouchers to cinema tickets and swimming passes.

The rewards, donated by local businesses, will change from month to month.

Inspector Rebecca Cant, of Breckland Operational Partnership Team, said: 'This is an excellent opportunity to reward youngsters when they have displayed good or positive behaviour within their communities.

'Sometimes young people have negative experiences with the police or have preconceived ideas about what we do. By giving out these 'positive notices' we can help change the perception of the police and nurture a positive relationship which could last a lifetime.'

The pilot has been developed in conjunction with Breckland Council and Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service.

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An analysis of its success will take place before taking the scheme further.

Norfolk's police and crime commissioner Lorne Green said: 'Anything which encourages good experiences between the constabulary and young people is to be encouraged. I am constituting a young people's commission as young people are often better able to articulate their concerns.

'I think it is a two-way issue to promote closer cohesion. I am dedicated to giving young people a voice, people say young people are not interested or engaged but sometimes our generation should take responsibility for that disengagement.'