Police shut down illegal rave in Eccles, near Attleborough

Police officers shut down an illegal rave attended by hundreds of people at disused military building in south Norfolk.

Sound equipment and vinyl records used for the event were seized by officers at the scene in Eccles, near Attleborough, in the early hours of yesterday.

The unlicensed event was discovered in Quidenham Road by police on patrol. At 2am it was estimated that 400 people were in attendance, with 150 vehicles parked nearby.

Notices ordering people off the privately-owned site by 9am were served but a core group of around 60 refused to leave. Extra officers were called and the rave was closed down by 10am.

Supt Dave Marshall, who led the operation, said: 'The proactive police operation is in line with our firm stance to policing raves, which are potentially dangerous and cause unnecessary damage and disruption.

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'This particular site was extremely dangerous and those attending were covered in acrid dust from the inside the dilapidated building.'

Information gathered by officers at the scene will be used to further investigate the event with a view to prosecuting identified organisers under anti-rave legislation.

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