Police release shocking CCTV footage of North Walsham hit and run

CCTV footage of North Walsham hit and run. Submitted

CCTV footage of North Walsham hit and run. Submitted - Credit: Submitted

Norfolk Police have released shocking footage of a hit and run incident in North Walsham. Warning, the video contains graphic content.

Police are appealing for the passengers of a car involved in a suspected attempted murder in North Walsham to come forward.

Shocking footage released of a hit and run incident in Vicarage Car Park in the north Norfolk town sees the victim, a 30-year-old man, thrown up to 15ft in the air after being hit by a car which then appears to drive towards the victim for a second time.

Police have said the victim has suffered serious, life-changing injuries and may not be able to walk for up to a year.

A 43-year-old man from the Wymondham area has been arrested in connection with the incident which happened at 12.55am on Saturday, July 23. He is currently on police bail while investigations continue.

Detective Chief Inspector Stu Armes said officers were calling for witnesses to come forward, including up to three passengers who police believe were in the car at the time. He said officers were still investigating the 43-year-old man's connection to the incident.

He said: 'This is a direct appeal from me. There was only one driver who had control of that vehicle. The other people in the car didn't have control of it, and they will get one chance to come forward to tell us what happened, why the incident took place and what they know about it.'

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The victim had been walking through the car park with two friends when a small, dark coloured car, believed to be a blue Peugeot 307, hit him before driving around the car park and then driving towards him again.

DCI Armes said: 'At that point where the victim has a broken pelvis and a shattered knee, he's so frightened that he still manages to drag himself out of the way. Otherwise we probably wouldn't be talking about attempted murder, we would be talking about him being dead.'

The victim was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital where he today remained in a stable condition, but DCI Armes said he was 'extremely distressed' and it would be some time before he made a recovery.

'He was thrown 15ft or so into the air, ended up with two breaks to his pelvis which on its own is a nasty injury, but that's coupled with a completely shattered knee, lots of bumps, lots of bruises and cuts. We don't think he is going to be able to walk for probably the best part of a year... It's a serious life-changing incident for this young man, and again underlined by the fact that, on the second passing, if he had not have moved out of the way he would not have found himself in such a lucky position, he may well be dead.'

When asked if police thought the driver and the victim were known to each other, he said that at the moment the incident was being treated as an unprovoked attack. He also said it was belived to be an isolated incident.

DCI Armes said police were keen to speak to anyone who may have any information about what happened, the car involved, and the occupants of the vehicle. He said police had a partial indentification number for the vehicle and that officers were working with a company which was trying to enhance the image of the registration plate from the CCTV footage.

He said: 'We are appealing to the public to assist us with our investigation. We have made a number of enquiries so far; however, we are keen to locate the car involved in this collision and would appeal for anyone who may know of its whereabouts to contact police.

'We are also appealing for help to identify the driver of the car or the passengers who were in the vehicle at the time of the incident. It is believed there could have been up to three other people in the car at the time, one of them a female.

'I would encourage anyone with information, however small, to contact police immediately.'

Anyone with information should contact Great Yarmouth CID on 101 quoting Op Kew.

Alternatively contact independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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