Police make final appeal for lost camera owner to come forward

Suffolk Police staff are making a final appeal to track the owner of a camera.

A Canon camera was found in Bramfield, near Halesworth, last autumn, but the owner has yet to be found despite notes being sent to homes in the area.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police said: 'Front desk staff at Halesworth police station are making a final attempt to reunite a camera found in Bramfield last autumn with its rightful owner

'The Canon 12.1 mega pixels camera has a number of images on it including photographs of a young family on foreign holidays, a young baby and a child of about six running on a beach that's possibly Southwold, picnics and cuddles with granny and grampa and therefore is likely to be of great sentimental value.'

The camera was handed in after being found in a cul-de-sac in the village, but when no-one reported it missing police staff delivered notes to homes nearby.

If you think the camera may be yours please call the front desk team at Halesworth on 101. You will be asked questions in order to identify that it belongs to you.

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