Police looking to recruit special help

Great Yarmouth police community engagement office Hannah Gardiner and Special Constable Elizabeth Go

Great Yarmouth police community engagement office Hannah Gardiner and Special Constable Elizabeth Gotte - Credit: David Hannant

Police in the borough are hoping to extend the long arm of the law by attracting extra special constables.

Great Yarmouth police is hosting an information evening later this month, giving local people the opportunity to learn more about becoming a special constable themselves.

The evening, held at Great Yarmouth Police Station, will give the public the opportunity to engage with members of the police - including current special constables - and grill them on the role.

Officers will give advice on how to become a special constable, as part of a recruitment drive to attract more people to the role.

Elizabeth Gotte, 21 of Reedham, has been on active duty as a special since October 2015, said: 'I got involved because I wanted to give something back to the community and better understand how the police operate.

'I've found the experience to be incredibly rewarding and gives myself such a challenge as well.'

Miss Gotte, who works Monday to Friday as a nursery nurse, says the work has given her a character boost, as well as experience.

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'I'm a completely different person now, to how I was when I started the role,' she added. 'I've grown in confidence so much. I enjoy my day job, but this also gives me that extra challenge, so I get the best of both worlds.'

The evening has been organised by Hannah Gardiner, Great Yarmouth Police's community engagement officer.

She said: 'Special constables are massively important to the day-to-day running of the police as they serve as such a valuable addition to the service.

'The role can serve as a great stepping stone for people who want to pursue a full-time career in policing, but also a good chance to give something back, as they are such a good source of support to officers.'

The evening takes place from 6.45pm on Tuesday, November 22, and will run until approximately 9pm.

Call 01953 425699 or email stepspecials@norfolk.pnn.police.uk to confirm your place.

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