Police issue warning to lock doors and windows after spate of Norfolk burglaries

Police are warning Norfolk homeowners to lock their doors and windows after a spate of walk-in burglaries in Great Yarmouth,

There were two burglaries in Great Yarmouth on Thursday, October 6.

The first was in Byron Road between 1.30am and 7.45am where a laptop computer was stolen after the offenders gained entry via an unlocked door.

The second was at Euston Court between 7.45pm and 11.30pm where a handbag was stolen after entry was gained via an open window.

Police have recovered the computer and have identified suspects for one of the crimes.

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But officers are urging householders to stop themselves from becoming victims by securing their property.

Detective Inspector Sarah Pettengell, of Great Yarmouth CID, said: 'At the moment a significant amount of burglaries in the area are walk-ins, where a door has been left unlocked and the burglar can just walk into a property.

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'We can't stress enough how important it is to lock up.

'Imagine, for a moment, being an opportunist burglar.

'Which house would you choose – one where a door has been left open or one where all the doors and windows are secure and you have to risk physical injury and a greater likelihood of being caught?

'By locking up you make it much harder for criminals, and taking simple crime prevention measures can dramatically reduce the chances of your home being targeted.'

As the nights begin to draw in, police are also urging you to take steps to make your home look occupied if you are out for the evening.

If you are out or away for a few days, police advise leaving a light on or getting a timer device to switch on lights at dusk.

For more information and crime reduction advice contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team or crime prevention officer on 0845 456 4567.

If you see someone acting suspiciously, perhaps lurking at the back of a house or carrying something unusual, and you suspect a crime may be in progress please call police immediately using 999.

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