Police issue rural car park security advice in north Norfolk

Police in north Norfolk are asking dog walkers and tourists to be extra vigilant when leaving their car parked in rural locations.

They say vehicles in remote locations are being targeted by thieves over the summer period, particularly at the weekends, looking for valuable items such as handbags, mobile phones and sat navs, which are often 'hidden' under seats, in the glove box or in the boot.

In recent incidents the suspects have gone directly for these locations with some of the cars reported as being unlocked at the time of the incident.

Local policing commander Supt Carl Edwards said: 'People often think that only tourists are targeted, but we see as many local people and dog walkers having their property taken.

'It really is worth thinking about what you actually need to take with you in the first place. If you're not taking it with you on the walk, don't take it with you in the car. Please don't wait until you get to the car park then put your bag or camera in the boot - you never know who might be watching, and always double check that you've locked your doors and shut your windows.'

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Police are increasing their patrols around car parks and beauty spots and are advising drivers if they spot items being left on display.

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