Police issue New Year rave warning for Suffolk

SUFFOLK Constabulary today issued a robust reminder to anyone planning to organise an illegal rave in the county during the New Year festivities.

With the celebrations only days away, officers are re-iterating previous warnings that the force will adopt a zero tolerance approach.

Illegal raves not only cause distress to local residents, whose lives are disturbed by loud music over a long period of time and by large numbers of people making their way on and off a site, but they also could potentially put lives and property at risk.

Chief Superintendent David Skevington said: 'Whilst we continue to work with the organisers of licensed musical events, I want to make it quite clear that resources are available over the New Year period if we need to prevent, disrupt and close down illegal raves in the county.

'Unlicensed musical events or raves are unsafe and disruptive to our local communities. These types of event are anti social and can cause a great deal of distress not just to local people, but can also have an adverse impact on the environment and wildlife.'

Members of the public are urged to play their part and support police action by remaining vigilant by reporting any suspicious activity which may lead them to believe a rave is being organised.

Suspicious activity may include:

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• A large gathering of vehicles in car parks or moving convoy of vehicles on roads.

• Invasions onto land by people with vans which may be carrying sound equipment.

• Trespassers on private land taking interest in a potential rave site.

Chief Supt Skevington added: 'Where evidence is found to identify those responsible we will do everything we can to bring them to justice. We always prosecute whenever possible in partnership with other agencies.'

Police across the county have been working very closely with landowners to offer security advice and ensure they contact the police at the earliest opportunity with information. Landowners are also being reminded to ensure the entrances to their property are secure and also to report any breaches suspected of being linked to a potential rave to police.

• Anyone with information about an illegal rave or witness to suspicious activity on farmland or in buildings should contact Suffolk Constabulary on 101.

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