Police investigate as Norfolk County Council election campaign posters for Liberal Democrat Steffan Aquarone and Conservative Alison Thomas mysteriously disappear

Steffan Aquarone; Photo credit: Mary Rudd PR.

Steffan Aquarone; Photo credit: Mary Rudd PR. - Credit: Archant

Posters promoting Liberal Democrat and Conservative candidates have been stolen as the Norfolk County Council election campaigns heat up.

Alison Thomas, Conservative candidate for Long Stratton. Pic: Norfolk Conservatives.

Alison Thomas, Conservative candidate for Long Stratton. Pic: Norfolk Conservatives. - Credit: Norfolk Conservatives

More than 30 poster boards promoting Liberal Democrat candidate Steffan Aquarone in Melton Constable, between Fakenham and Holt, were removed on Thursday and Friday and posters for Conservative candidate Alison Thomas have been taken from Hempnall.

Mr Aquarone said: 'Who could it be? A political activist hell-bent on my electoral destruction?

'Perhaps someone who likes our campaign so much they want to plant a whole forest of them in their front garden?'

Mr Aquarone has reported the thefts to Norfolk police and the elections department at North Norfolk District Council.

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He said: 'We put up 100 posters and I've got an army of volunteers out in cars to check if more are being taken down.

'The council's election office said they have never had something like this happen on this scale so someone has it in for me.

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'Someone clearly planned this and it is has the potential to really damage the campaign.

'I don't think any of this is directly connected my rival candidates as it could be anyone acting on their own.

'This has been reported to the police. It might not seem a big thing to some people but it is theft. Some elderly residents are really quite concerned about people coming to their homes and taking these posters away.'

He added: 'They've taken the posters with them, so keep an eye out for pathetic-looking bonfires - they really don't burn well.'

Anyone with information should contact Norfolk police on 101.

Meanwhile, Ms Thomas, Conservative candidate for the Stratton division and district councillor for the Hempnall ward, said some of her signs have been stolen from Hempnall.

She said in a tweet: 'Have you seen any posters dumped? Sadly democracy to some is stealing property of others. (Posters) missing from Hempnall. Got lots more!!'

Are you aware of campaign posters being stolen where you live? E mail adam.lazzari@archant.co.uk

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