Police called about “loitering” vehicle at Aylsham cemetery - to discover it is theirs

Police officers in Aylsham were called to reports of a suspect vehicle only to discover it was their unmarked patrol car.

The pair had gone out to the town's Norwich Road cemetery in search of would-be trouble makers as the place of rest has recently suffered from bouts of anti-social behaviour.

After just a short while they were radioed about the suspect vehicle 'loitering' near the cemetery, but realised it was their car being called in.

The 'amusing' incident was reported at Thursday's town council meeting but chairman Eileen Springall thought it showed the police were cracking down on trouble spots within the town.

PCSO Laura Munro-Oakley had informed members youngsters had been congregating at a wooden shelter within the cemetery, and it had become a hot spot for underage drinking, littering and other anti-social behaviour.

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In response police have made the shelter a 'priority' for their patrols but suggested the council get rid of it as it was such a 'natural draw' to youngsters due to its secluded location.

But after a brief discussion members decided to stand firm and said they would not get rid of the structure, which was put in for mourners to use when visiting graves.

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Speaking afterwards Mrs Springhall said: 'We were not prepared to take it down, it was put there for a reason.'

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