PM praises Make it Marham campaign

Prime Minister David Cameron has praised the Make it Marham campaign as making 'helpful points' which will be taken into account by the Ministry of Defence when deciding on the RAF base's future.

In a letter to South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss, Mr Cameron said: 'I do unserstand the importance of this issue to you and to the people of Norfolk.'

The four-week campaign saw more than 36,000 people sign a petition backing the RAF base and supporting the case to keep it as the main home of the Tornado fleet, along with facilities to maintain the aircraft.

'The Marham campaign has put across some very cogent and helpful points which will also be taken into account by the Ministry of Defence as they consider how best to deliver effective and efficient military capability,' said the Prime Minister's letter.

But he warned that the decision couid not be based on sentimentality but would be based on military advice.

'The Make it Marham campaign demonstrated that the economic and military case favours Marham, and I am committed to ensuring that the final decision is made on objective rather than political grounds,' said Miss Truss.

The campaign, supported by the EDP and local radio station KL.FM, saw a delegation from Norfolk travel to Downing Street in November to deliver the petition.

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A decision on the future of RAF Marham and RAF Lossiemouth, in Scotland, is due to be made in the spring and comes as part of a defence review. RAF Kinloss, also in Scotland, and two other bases are likely to be closed as a result.