Plea to pet owners after cat deaths

The agonising deaths of five cats in Caister has prompted an animal charity to warn pet owners to be vigilant in the wake of the suspected poisonings.

Pensioner Norman Carroll was left devastated after two of his beloved cats Fanny and Effie had to be put down after being found in an 'extremely poorly' state on September 3.

Then, just four days, later two more of his cats, Dotty and Effie's four-week-old kitten, which had not been named, started displaying poisoning symptoms and also had to be put down.

Mr Carroll, 60, of St Julian Road, said that one of his neighbour's cats also had to be put down as a result of suspected anti-freeze poisoning.

Mr Carroll, a retired offshore worker, described the loss of his animals as devastating, and said that if it was as he believed deliberate, the culprit had carried out the killings in a 'cruel snide act'.

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He added he found the cats a comfort when he lost a leg 18 months ago because of blood clots.

RSPCA inspector Ben Kirby described the deaths as 'very suspicious' and warned cat owners to be vigilant. He said: 'It is really upsetting to hear that four cats belonging to the same person have all died in such a short space of time.

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'We would urge cat owners in the area to be extra vigilant and to monitor their pets' behaviour in case they show signs of sickness.

'While we do not know if this is a deliberate poisoning incident or accidental, it is very suspicious.

'We would urge anyone with information, no matter how small, to contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.'

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