Plea to help catch dog owners who don’t clear up their pet’s mess

Hemsby Parish Council members Mike Peake, Gill King, Keith Kyriacou with Environmental health ranger

Hemsby Parish Council members Mike Peake, Gill King, Keith Kyriacou with Environmental health rangers Miguel Fish (far left) and Kerry Hemsworth (far right) helping to crack down on dog fouling in the village. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

A crackdown on irresponsible pet owners is being launched to catch people who don't pick up their dog's mess.

Parishes across the borough are clamping down on dog owners in an attempt to clean up the towns and villages in the area.

In Hemsby, the parish council is determined to catch people in the act so they can be taken to court, prosecuted and fined.

Mike Peake, deputy chairman of Hemsby Parish Council, said: 'We want people to report it to us. We hope people will come in and tell us anonymously about what they have witnessed, and hopefully will have a photograph as proof.

'We will be watching and waiting. We will do anything to clear it up.'

The parish council has CCTV in the village and there are plans to have regular patrols by councillors and members of the public to catch the perpetrators.

Mr Peake added: 'The lady who does the litter in the village recently picked up 22 lots in one day. It is not what she is employed for.

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'We want to build up a picture of what is going on. We are trying to make Hemsby a decent place by cleaning it up.'

Mr Peake himself has been parking his car on roads in the village and watching to see if he can catch anyone walking a dog and not picking up the poop. He also has a dash-cam at the front of his car which records the street ahead, which he hopes might help to prove a proseuction in court.

'All responsible dog owners and other outraged members of the public are requested to help support our scheme,'

he said. 'We have got to catch someone doing it.'

Streets which he said have particular problems in the village are North Road, Martham Road, The Street, Barley Croft, Waters Lane and Kingsway.

In nearby Caister, the parish council there is also urging people to come forward if they witness an irresponsible dog owner.

Tony Baker, council chairman, said: 'We are just trying to make people aware of how awful and anti-social this behaviour is and would ask people to report it whenever they see it happen.

'We ask that if anyone knows someone who is letting their pets foul and not pick it up and take it away to get in touch.'

Hemsby Parish Council is holding its monthly office surgery tomorrow, Saturday, from 2pm to 4pm, and Mr Peake hopes residents who are outraged by irresponsible dog walkers in their part of the village will attend and give details.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council's environmental rangers, who also act as dog wardens, are able to process cases to court for prosecution.

Anyone spotting spot a dog owner not picking up his/her pet's poop can report the incident to the the borough council dog wardens on 01493 846478.

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