Plans for six new homes in Ormesby St Margaret trigger worries over traffic and ‘merged’ villages

Decoy Road in Ormesby St Margaret is being earmarked for more homes. Photo: Liz Coates

Decoy Road in Ormesby St Margaret is being earmarked for more homes. Photo: Liz Coates - Credit: Liz Coates

A scheme for new homes along a country lane skims over traffic worries according to opponents.

Farmer Richard Hirst has lodged plans for six three-bedroom homes in Decoy Road on the fringes of Ormesby St Margaret.

It means sweeping away an agricultural building to make way for the timber clad detached houses which will be sited next to the pumping station.

Parish councillor Geoff Freeman tagged the scheme as 'unneighbourly' to homes in Decoy Road and those in Beck Avenue.

He said traffic was the main planning issue along the narrow rural route which was already a busy highway for farm traffic, lumbering lorries and livery vehicles.

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Verges and primrose banks had been eroded as vehicles mounted them to pass each other, indicicating that proposed pavements could be unsafe.

He thought the site could also be outside the development boundary.

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Meanwhile a neighbour has outlined their fears in a letter circulating in the village.

It points out that the built-up end of the road is subject to a much-ignored 20mph restriction, adding:

'Most importantly I would like to see Ormesby stay as a village and not become larger than it needs to be.

'If developments like this which are outside of development boundaries are allowed then what is the point in having a boundary and where will developers or planners draw the line to stop villages becoming towns or becoming so bigthat they almost 'merge' with the next village.'

The issue was discussed by Ormesby with Scratby Parish Council on Monday.

Clerk Sue Eagle said councillors did not object but asked borough council plannners to consider traffic concerns and the fact the site might be outside the village development envelope.

They also asked for a guarantee that the pumping station would be kept in good order.

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