Planners boot out bid to turn Bacton shop into a flat

A bid to turn a shop into a flat has been rejected by planners who feared it could hasten the 'decline' of a seaside village.

North Norfolk District Council's development committee voted to reject the bid to change the use of Bacton Stores on Walcott Road in Bacton.

The proposal attracted a 128-name petition in opposition, and came at a time when The Duke of Edinburgh and The Ship pubs are closed and up for sale.

Officers recommended approval of the plan, saying there was another convenience store half a mile away in the village.

But local member Barry Smith said: 'It would be a sad day indeed for the people of Bacton were it to go. It's the only shop of that nature in that area. Bacton will be even more on the decline if this goes ahead.'

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Vivienne Uprichard said she was 'very unhappy' with the proposal, and added that it could be the 'thin end of the wedge'.

Benji Cabbell-Manners, who abstained in the vote, said: 'it's not good for Bacton, but you can't force people to keep businesses open if they are losing money.'

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The remainder of the committee voted to oppose the change of use, citing the grounds that the planned flat was 'not of sufficient amenity value' for the area.

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