Plan to license Aylsham’s historic square to boost monthly markets with alcohol sales

Steps are being taken to turn Aylsham's market place into a licensed area so stalls selling alcohol can trade from the historic square.

Micro breweries have previously set up shop at the twice monthly farmers market but have been limited to trading from a specific pitch with individual permission.

But plans are now afoot to license the whole square to give stall holders more freedom.

Town councillor Liz Jones proposed the move at a meeting on Thursday, but suggested the license only be valid on market days between the hours of 9am - 1pm to quell fears it could lead to people getting drunk in the square.

She added: 'That way we could actually have stalls anywhere on the market place but it wouldn't be so that people could be standing there and drinking.'

Miss Jones said she had also been in touch with Broadland District Council, which was prepared to help fund the application.

Members agreed a license would be a 'help' and voted to take steps to secure one.

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