Plan to fight coastal threat across Great Yarmouth finally passed

A PLAN to protect Great Yarmouth's coastline from the might of the North Sea has finally been approved after ten years in the making.

The shoreline management plan - which details strategies to fight coastal erosion from Winterton to Corton - was swiftly passed by members of Great Yarmouth Borough Council at a meeting last night .

The authority is believed to be the last in the county to have approved its plans to protect its coastline and the unanimous vote to pass it was hailed as good news for residents living in effected communities.

Trevor Wainwright, leader of the council, urged fellow members to adopt the 'important' plan - which is still to undergo some 'minor amendments' - as without it the authority would not be able to apply for government funding to help tackle coastal erosion.

He added that the new Labour administration would 'work closely' with coastal action groups throughout the borough, whose 'voices and input are very important to us'.

The plan had come under attack from some campaigners who feared it was flawed and would leave their communities at the mercy of the sea.

But Mr Wainwright believed the adoption of the plan would provide a safer future for residents and businesses in areas potentially threatened by coastal erosion, and was pleased to see it finally passed.

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Speaking after the meeting he added: 'It's good news for people on the coast and also the wider economy in the borough because places like Hemsby and Hopton have a huge amount of business, and now this is adopted they can probably feel slightly more secure in future.

'If there's any funding out there from DEFRA or the Environment Agency, because this is now in place, we can draw money in. This now, as a document, can help us.'

And despite it finally being passed he said the plan was a 'living document' that would evolve as the shoreline changed.