Picture: Meet the baby girl born in North Walsham’s Sainsbury’s

Joanne Shields gave birth to her baby, Sophie, in the North Walsham Sainsbury's store toilet, helped

Joanne Shields gave birth to her baby, Sophie, in the North Walsham Sainsbury's store toilet, helped by her partner Shaun Moon. Pictured with their other children, James, 1, and Jessica, 5. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

The Sainsbury's slogan 'try something new today' became a reality for staff after a shopper got an unexpected delivery and gave birth in one of the store's disabled toilets.

Joanne Shields, 35, from Coronation Walk, North Walsham, was due to have her baby on Boxing Day but after suffering 'niggly pains' she gave birth on November 30 at the town's Sainsbury's store.

Her waters broke at noon after she sat on the disabled toilet and she gave birth to Sophie Moon in 45 minutes with the help of one paramedic, three Sainsbury's staff and her partner, Shaun Moon, 31, who is Sophie's father.

She said: 'The actual birth went great. Everyone made me very comfortable. The paramedic was good - if he hadn't have been with me I don't think it would have been the same. Looking back on it, it is still shocking. I'm quite famous at the store now. It was an experience.'

Baby Sophie was just six pounds one ounce and stayed at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for six days because she had jaundice and a high temperature.

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Ms Shields, who has a one-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl, said the first few days were worrying because her daughter went down to five pounds and two ounces. She now weighs seven pounds 14 ounces.

'She has perked up but is still tiny,' Ms Shields added. 'She is very alert about what is going on and is a little star.'

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She added Mr Moon was 'shell-shocked' after the birth.

Ms Shields wants to thank the paramedic, called Steve, who helped her. If you are that man or know him, contact sophie.wyllie@archant.co.uk

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