Picture Gallery: ‘Sistine Chapel of Suffolk’

Hidden away deep in the Suffolk countryside is a secluded church with an impressive secret.

The artwork on the ceiling of St Mary's Church at Huntingfield, near Halesworth, leaves many visitors in awe as they admire the handiwork.

The magnificent frescos were painted in the 1800s by the then-vicar's wife, who spent years suspended in a hammock, and more than 150 years later they are still an amazing sight.

The visitors' book at the church is full of compliments to the colourful images, with one describing it as the 'Sistine Chapel of Suffolk'.

Churchwarden Marjorie Day admits that many people do not even know the artwork exists – although an influx of visitors in recent weeks is now helping to boost its ambitions to fit a new kitchen and toilet.

Mrs Day, 83, said: 'We have always had quite a few visitors but we have definitely seen a few more in recent weeks. It's a wonderful ceiling and quite a feat.

'People often say they've never seen anything quite like it.'

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She said the rise in visitors had boosted for the church's bid to raise �48,000 for a new toilet and kitchen.

If you would like to help the church's appeal send a cheque payable to Huntingfield PCC Fabric Fund to Mrs Day, at 9 Holland Rise, Huntingfield, Halesworth, IP19 0PT.

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