Picture Gallery: Norfolk and north Suffolk enjoy some springtime sunshine

Bright blue skies and glorious sunshine lit up the region yesterday as spring finally sprung to life.

Sun roofs were opened, coats cast aside and sunglasses dusted off as many enjoyed the increase in temperatures.

Offices were left empty at lunchtime and children and adults alike enjoyed playing among the daffodils while the region boasted conditions that matched anywhere else across Europe.

The wildlife was also enjoying itself with a fox found cosily sleeping in the corner of Norwich Theatre Royal car park, lambs wandering fields near Fransham, and Betsy the bunny having a lovely time in among the flowers in Norwich.

Chris Bell, a forecaster at Weatherquest at UEA, said that the weather was 'warm' for the time of year.

He said: 'It is getting up to about 16C, which is the low 60s Fahrenheit. The average for this time of year is about 10C.'

He said that the sea breeze was making it cooler at the coast, but that Weybourne, in north Norfolk, had still managed about 10C.

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And the temperatures in Norfolk and north Suffolk were on a par to those across the rest of the country and Europe.

'There are very similar temperatures across much of France – around 15-17C – but it looks more unsettled over Spain,' he said.

The warm weather is expected to continue today after some early mist and fog, but the weekend is likely to turn cooler, before it becomes more unsettled in the middle of next week.