Picture gallery: Fine art photographs of some of the world’s biggest rock stars captured by a Norfolk-based photographer

Never before seen fine art photographic images of some of the biggest names in rock music taken by an internationally-renowned Norfolk-based photographer have just been released to the public for the first time.

The collection includes rare images of iconic stars including Blondie, Chrissie Hynde, Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Daltry, Kaiser Chiefs, Slash, Nils Lofgren and many more.

The stars have been captured in photographer Nick Elliott's unique, avant-garde style and are on-sale through the website www.redlabelpublishing.com, which was launched last month.

Mr Elliott, who lives in Melton Constable, near Fakenham, has worked in the music industry for more than 20 years.

He has travelled the world photographing some of the biggest names in the history of music.

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Artists he has worked with include Metallica, Mot�rhead, Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant.

Mr Elliott said: 'I don't just take photographs. For me it is about the art. I like to think my photographs enable people to go on a personal journey. I am in a position now where I can pick and choose who I work with. I have a huge passion for music and I am lucky to be able to work with some of my heroes.

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'I really like working with rock bands from the 1960s and 1970s. I have worked with modern bands as well. But I wouldn't just work for anyone. I'm not interested in working for people like Madonna and Lady Gaga, because that's not what I'm into.

'For me it is about the craft and the art, not producing vanloads of copies of pictures and making as much money as possible.

'I've been doing this for as long as I can remember and I have been developing my skills to get to where I am today... I hate the whole digital revolution and the fact that some guy will spend �4,000 on a camera and instantly think he's a photographer.'

Mr Elliott's photographs have frequently been featured on album artwork and been published extensively across the media.

He is highly-regarded for his ability to capture the intensity of live performance.

Mr Elliott is an official photographer for The 02 in London and Planet Rock radio station.

He is also working on a series of rock books.

He has been commissioned to produce a book to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cambridge Folk Festival, due to be released in 2014, and produced an official book of the last decade of the festival, which was released last year.

Mr Elliott started out as a press photographer, working for the Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

He moved to Norfolk six years ago and said: 'I absolutely love living here and there is a very good music scene in East Anglia. It's better than London, in my opinion.

'You have places like the UEA and Thetford Forest where you get many established bands and also many great new bands breaking through.'

Mr Elliott has become friends with many of the rock stars he has worked with and has enjoyed some wild nights. He does, however, have a strict policy of not talking about his clients' exploits.

He said: 'These guys are even more crazy than you'd imagine them to be. I've been out with M�tley Cr�e and they are completely outrageous.

'But many of them are getting older and are family guys now. Slash turned up to a photo shoot with his wife and kids, all wearing the same outfit with the famous tall hat that he wears.'

Mr Elliott's work is currently available to buy in more than a dozen galleries throughout Europe but his work with Red Label is the first time that his fine art photography is being made available through an on-line gallery.

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