Picture: Dilham woman’s old advertising sign may be worth a pretty penny

Hopeful Sharon Hulbert is crossing her fingers that an old advertising sign which once held a cow shed together will bring her a much-needed cash boost.

Mrs Hulbert, who was made redundant earlier this year, was rummaging in her Dilham home for items to sell at a car-boot sale when she re-discovered the enamel sign advertising Golden Shred marmalade.

She decided to look it up on her computer and was astonished to discover that similar signs are selling for up to �2,000.

'I couldn't believe it,' said Mrs Hulbert, who has already had an offer on �1,600 for her sign and now plans to advertise it on-line via buying and selling website ebay.

She and her husband Mick acquired the sign about 10 or 12 years ago when visiting friends in Kent who were converting an old cattle shed into a home.

'When they pulled the shed apart they found the sign was creating part of the wall. It was covered in goo and gunge and they didn't want it so we took it home and cleaned it up,' said Mrs Hulbert, who had worked as PR and corporate fund-raising relations manager with cancer charity Big C for five years until she was made redundant in February.

Her researches have revealed that the sign, which stands about three feet tall, probably dates from 1910.

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Now she is wondering how much another old advertising sign, which the couple dug up in their own garden, may be worth. It advertises Lyons Coffee and Chicory Extract.

The Hulberts moved into their home in 1987 and know that it was once a shop run by the grandfather of Geoff Eastell, who runs a greengrocer's in nearby North Walsham.

'I'm hoping to get as much as possible for both of them if I can reach the collectors,' said Mrs Hulbert who has recently launched her own business, Sharon Hulbert Events and PR.