Photographer Janice Alamanou earns place in British Institute of Professional Photography’s national awards shortlist

Janice Alamanou

Janice Alamanou - Credit: Archant

These stunning and unusual pictures show scenes of the north Norfolk coast as many will have never seen before.

beneath the tide

beneath the tide - Credit: Archant

They have earned Wells photographer Janice Alamanou a place on the shortlist for the British Institute of Professional Photography's National Awards.

'It is for my portfolio 'The White Collection', which features black on white panoramics of Norfolk,' explains Ms Alamanou, who received the International Modern Art Award 2015 for her photograph 'Genesis Elements – Water'.

The panoramic photograph named 'Pinewoods', among The White Collection, won a Silver Award in the BIPP South East Region Awards in October.

The Ceremony is on March 1.


Cromer - Credit: Archant

Brought up on the wind-swept shores of the north Norfolk coast it is no surprise that Ms Alamanou's photography is inspired by the elements.

Nature and environment stands alone or blends with her love of people, the human form and portraiture, creating unique beautiful images that now exhibit worldwide.

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Ms Alamanou is a self-taught photographer, having photographed from a very early age, qualified through her work with the BIPP and has awards for her photography from them as well as other awards including winning the Moscow International Foto Awards every year since 2014.


Pinewoods - Credit: Archant


Shoreline - Credit: Archant

tractors and crab boats

tractors and crab boats - Credit: Archant

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