Photograph shows first ever edition of the EDP?

Could this ageing photograph be more than just a family memento and actually mark an important day in Norfolk's history?

As the EDP looks back on its rich 140 years, reader Vic Gray, from Mulbarton, contacted the newspaper about a photograph which has been passed though his family over generations.

According to stories told by his relatives since he was a young lad, the image shows his great great grandfather holding the first ever edition of the EDP.

If correct, it dates the well-preserved photograph back to October 10, 1870.

Unfortunately the posing gentleman is holding the newspaper in such a way that it is unclear whether it is in fact the newly launched broadsheet.

However Mr Gray, 64, said he is certain that is the EDP and is proud to have such a unique family heirloom.

He found the image, still in its original frame, in his mother's possessions when she died nine years ago.

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Mr Gray remembers it hanging in his parents' house as a child, and although he knows little about the man pictured, he feels sure that he was a Norfolk man who probably lived in the area of Mulbarton.

'My parents and my grandfather always said that gentleman was my great great grandfather and he had his photo taken holding the first day release of the EDP which would make it October 10, 1870. I don't know how many other people would have a photograph of the first ever EDP,' he said.

He added: 'I suppose reading in those days was a big thing. There wasn't much to do - no TV, no radios. So reading was one of the main things and of course when a newspaper came out it was a great thing for them to have a paper each day and be able to read the local news.'

This week, the EDP is commemorating its 140th birthday with a free exhibition at Norwich Cathedral's Hostry, which runs until Friday, detailing the newspaper's compelling history and its coverage of some of the biggest stories to affect the people of Norfolk. The celebrations have also included a train being named in honour of the EDP at Norwich station.