Photo gallery: Why autumn will be even more colourful in Norfolk this year

Autumn's colours are more vivid than ever in The Walks in King's Lynn this year. And there's a reason for the dazzling display in our parks and woodlands that heralds the changing seasons.

For the wettest summer in donkey's years has left our native deciduous trees carrying a bumper crop of leaves.

And while that might mean a headache for gardeners, park attendants and railway station announcers when it comes to dealing with the aftermath, it also means we're in for an even more colourful spectacle than normal over the next few weeks, as oaks, chestnuts and other varities bring a golden burnish to the landscape.

Sarah Moore, Walks manager with West Norfolk council, said: 'Quite a few of the trees in The Walks are now in their full autumn colour.

'One thing we've noticed is the leaves have turned really, really quickly this year. Normally, it's quite a gradual process but it's happened in a week.'

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Miss Moore said council ground staff were preparing for the annual chore of clearing away tonnes of fallen leaves, to help discourage weeds from growing in the park.

'We go through comprehensive leaf clearence but we do leave them a little longer in places,' she said. 'There's nothing better than being able to kick through autumn leaves.'

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