Photo Gallery: Seals basking on Horsey beach

Grey Seals on the beach at Horsey.October 2014Picture: James Bass

Grey Seals on the beach at Horsey.October 2014Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2014

Happily basking on Horsey beach, some seal pups will be growing fast over the coming months.

The youngsters had hauled themselves onto the east-coast beach, near Great Yarmouth, with dozens of other common seals.

Unlike the grey seals, who come in droves to breed on Horsey to Winterton beach each winter, baby common seals are born at sea and don't have that distinctive fluffy white fur.

And while it is hard to tell the difference common and greys while they are in the water, common seals are much smaller, have distinctive v-shaped nostrils, smaller heads and shorter foreheads.

One quick way to tell them apart on land is that common seals often adopt a characteristic 'head-up, tail-up' posture.

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The Friends of Horsey Seals, the volunteer group which keeps a watchful eye on the baby grey seals each winter, have been on the beach in recent days, getting ready for the breeding season which starts around November.

The group took over warden duties from Natural England in 2012 and post volunteers on the beach to help and advise the thousands of visitors who head to Horsey to see the seals in their wild surroundings.

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