Photo Gallery: Scooter club’s Easter egg run to King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Lynn Gladiators' charity run sees Vespas and Lambrettas arrive from Haverhill, Wisbech, Norwich and Broadland.

The distinct smell of two-stroke oil and the crackle of scooters greeted visitors to King's Lynn's Tesco store on Sunday morning.

Members of the town's Gladiators Scooter Club chose the Hardwick Road venue to meet before heading off to deliver chocolate treats to children in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

For some of the 100-odd scooter riders who arrived it was the third Easter egg run in two weekends. Many of them had already travelled the A47 to Norwich last Saturday for a trip to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and on Sunday they went in the opposite direction to Peterborough.

But the scooter club members from other areas returned the favour with riders heading to Lynn from as far afield as Haverhill, in Essex, Norwich and Broadland.

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The gathering drew interested onlookers from their supermarket shopping and attracted admiring glances for some of the special customised paint jobs on show.

Club member Simon Hurry, of Lynn, said the Gladiators was a close-knit club which was keen to help charity and enjoyed getting together on a regular basis.

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'It's a good club and this is the third Easter egg run we have done in two weekends, but we like to do things for charity,' he said.

The club has around 70 members who meet on a regular basis and you don't even need to own a scooter to take part. Members have helped a range of charities, from the RSPCA to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

After delivering a van-load of chocolate goodies to the Lynn hospital the scooters headed-off to Hunstanton.

Next weekend sees a St George's Day run to Cambridge, meeting at the City football ground at around noon.

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