Photo gallery: Pirate parade hits Lowestoft to raise cash for charity cause

They are known for a fearsome reputation and an unhealthy craving for rum.

But there was no sign of ransacked ships or plundered ports when a band of pirates gathered in Lowestoft today (Sunday August, 26).

Instead, this fearsome bunch were brandishing charity buckets in a bid to raise hundreds of pounds for the British Heart Foundation.

From pint-sized buccaneers to elderly seafarers, people of all ages dressed up in eye patches and black hats to parade along the promenade from Claremont Pier.

The event was attended by Lowestoft town mayor Nick Webb who donned his civic chain and gave his support to the fundraisers.

Meanwhile, people were provided with pirate hats on the day, while a competition was due to be held for the best-dressed pirate.

The British Heart Foundation (or BHF) is a charity organisation in Britain that funds research, education, care and awareness campaigns aimed to prevent heart diseases in humans.

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