PHOTO GALLERY: Pet tortoises get free health check-ups in Diss

Dozens of pets were given a free check-up at the weekend as part of a project to ensure that Norfolk's tortoise population was in good health.

More than 30 reptiles were brought along the Uplands Way Vet Practice in Diss on Saturday as part of a session organised by the Norfolk Tortoise Club.

All tortoises were given a check-up and there was the option of a microchipping service at the event, which included lots of information on how to keep them healthy and happy.

Eleanor Tirtasana, from the Norfolk Tortoise Club, said there had been an excellent turnout for the health checks.

'It is part of an ongoing campaign to improve the welfare of tortoises in captivity. A lot of people buy them and do not know what they are getting into long-term. You can not keep a tortoise in a box all of its life and lots come up for rehoming because of that and they can easily live into their 100s and out live their owners,' she said.

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Owners were given dietary information on the best sorts of weeds and plants to give their tortoises and not 'junk food' like fruit and vegetables.

The tortoise club meet on the third Wednesday of every month from 8pm at St Francis Church Hall, Rider Haggard Road, Norwich.

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