Photo gallery: All’s well that ends well for collie Scottie after dramatic rescue

Scottie the dog is safe and well after his dramatic fall down a well. He was rescued by firefighter

Scottie the dog is safe and well after his dramatic fall down a well. He was rescued by firefighter Matt Kerry and re-united with his owners Tim and Heidi Crick. - Credit: Nick Butcher

Ding, dong, bell... Scottie's in the well.

When Border collie Scottie fell down a 10m well and had to be rescued by firefighters it put a dramatic new slant on the popular nursery rhyme featuring a stricken cat.

But instead of Little Tommy Stout pulling 11-year-old Scottie out of the well at Beach Farm, at Benacre, near Lowestoft, it was a firefighter who knew the battling pooch.

Scottie was carried out of the deep well by Lowestoft firefighter Matt Kerry, who had worked on the farm and has two of the Border collie's puppies as pets.

And as the rescued dog and his owners Tim and Heidi Crick, who have been at the farm for 21 years, met firefighter Kerry yesterday to thank him, it was revealed how Scottie had also battled to save his own life during Thursday's dramatic rescue as he doggie-paddled for 50 minutes to keep above the surface of the deep water at the bottom of the well.

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Scottie had fallen in the well after it had been opened by workmen repairing the farm's water supply.

Mrs Crick said: 'Scottie is such a friendly dog, he went over to say hello to the workmen and ended up in the well. I could hear him howling down there.

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'It was horrible to hear. I thought we were going to lose him.

'We threw some containers down so perhaps he could get on them but somehow he ended up treading water for about 50 minutes even though he has bad arthritis.'

After dialling 999, firefighters from Lowestoft South Fire Station arrived at the farm on the Benacre estate and leapt into action by using a combination of their water and height rescue training for the first time for real.

Firefighter Kerry was chosen to go down into the well to pluck Scottie to rescue.

He put a harness around the trapped pet and then they were pulled up together.

And it was a rescue close to the firefighter's heart as he had worked on the farm three years ago and has two of Scottie's brood as pets, Poppy, six, and Monty, five.

Firefighter Kerry said: 'It was good to put all our training into to practice. It was certainly a first for us to use advance working at height and water rescue equipment together and was a good example of teamwork.

'Of course I am pleased I could help rescue Scottie – he is an amazing dog as he managed to tread water for so long despite his age.'

Mrs Crick, who has another 14 dogs on the farm, said: 'The firefighters were absolutely fantastic. Once Matt was in the well he got Scottie out in minutes.

'If one of us had gone in anything could have happened, we could have died.

'Scottie was really cold and shaking all over afterwards. But he is fine now.'

Mr Crick, who has a flock of 4,000 sheep, compared Scottie's exploits to a British Olympic diver by saying: 'Eat your heart out Tom Daley.'

He added: 'Scottie is a tough old dog. He was rounding up sheep a few hours after what happened.

'I dread to think what might have happened if the fire brigade were not here. We had thought we were going to lose Scottie,'

A Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: 'Crews arrived at the incident to find one dog stuck in a well which was 10m deep and contained water at the bottom.

'Crews used advanced working at height and water rescue equipment to rescue the dog. During the rescue, oxygen levels were monitored to ensure both crew and animal safety.'

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