Photo gallery: Aerial pictures of Happisburgh and Walcott on the north Norfolk coastline and their battle with the might of the sea.

Happisburgh's iconic lighthouse sits in the field where it has helped saved countless sailors' lives

Happisburgh's iconic lighthouse sits in the field where it has helped saved countless sailors' lives. Picture: MIKE PAGE - Credit: Archant

The North Norfolk coast's love-hate relationship with the sea is clear from these aerial pictures taken in the Happisburgh and Walcott area.

The shots by keen flier and photographer Mike Page graphically show how the waves - whose dramatic natural beauty lure people to the coast to live and visit - are also eating away at it.

At Happisburgh a bay has formed near the landmark candy-striped lighthouse, where sea defences have been abandoned in favour of the new coastal policy of letting nature take its course in many rural locations.

Beach Road, which used to be lined with chalets enjoying clifftop views, is now empty bar one solitary cottage, where owner Bryony Nierop-Reading is waiting until the last moment before giving up her home to the waves. The sea's relentless gnawing of the coastline has been slowed by some 'buying time' rock defences.

The village caravan park is seeking to find new land to locate its holiday homes as the cliff line retreats. A dozen or so pitches closest to the edge have already been abandoned.

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The ramp is the slipway for Happisburgh lifeboat, which had to move to Cart Gap a mile from the main village a decade ago, when erosion left the station there high and dry, having damaged its ramp.

At Walcott the waves pound the concrete defences protecting the coast road - a favourite spot for wave watchers and walkers - and the homes beyond. Only a few yards separate locals and visitors from the power of the mighty North Sea.

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