PHOTO: Car caught by rising tide at Blakeney prompts call for more warning signs

There's nothing quite like sitting by the sea, watching a splendid sunset while the water laps at sills.

That was the unexpected fate that faced Denise and Stephen Martin from Leicestershire when they returned from an evening walk from Blakeney to Morston on Sunday.

And it is a relatively regular occurrence at Blakeney Quay, where it is not unusual for the tide to overtop the walls and swamp the quayside car park.

Now the couple is calling for more warning signs and tide tables to be posted in and around the car park, to save other visitors from the same fate.

But Blakeney Parish Council clerk Tracey Bayfield said there were 'more than enough signs' and that commonsense should prevail when you park near the water.

Mrs Martin, who sent in the photo of her stranded car, said: 'We had left the car earlier and walked to Morston. On our return we found our car in the sea. As you can imagine we were so shocked.

'There was no warning of the tide coming onto the car park. There should be something to warn people who are on holiday. We waited for the tide to go out and luckily our car started, and we got back to Cromer. But there should be tide times put up somewhere for people to view.'

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Mrs Bayfield said: 'There are signs. But you cannot put them everywhere. They're on the pay and display hut, but it's not possible to have a big red warning sign.

'It's one of those situations where commonsense must prevail. If you park near water, you ought to make enquiries. But people do get caught out every year.'

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