Pet taxi launched in North Walsham area

A new taxi for pets has taken to the roads of North Norfolk.

A local dog club has set up the 'cabbie' service which mainly ferries dogs and cats to vets and kennels, but is also linked to a dog-walking service.

The back of a Nissan van has compartments that can take collie and spaniel sized dogs on the upper deck, and larger Labradors on the bottom. A bigger space behind the driver's seat can a big deerhound.

Animal Magic, based in the North Walsham area, does training classes and provides a dog walking service for people who are at work, away from home, or unwell.

The taxi enables the pets to be taken to local woods in safety and comfort - but also on trips to the vets where the owner is too upset to drive themselves, and cannot find a traditional taxi to do the trip.

Club pet care manger Ann Corcoran, who is the 'taxi driver' said: 'I had seen similar vehicles in other places, and thought it would add to our services. We think we are the first club in the UK to do it.

'It is mostly vet trips, and walking for people where we are keyholders to their homes, but we can also be a bit like International Rescue in the pet world.

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'Today I had a phone call from a lady skiing in Austria whose pet sitter was sick with the flu, and needed her dog walked,' she added.

The taxi also took pets to out of hours veterinary services in Norwich. It covers an area including Cromer, Sheringham, Aylsham, Bacton, Mundesley and Happisburgh.

To contact the pet taxi service call 07766 758146. For more information about the club and its other services phone 01263 720730 or visit