Have you seen this missing blind pet hedgehog in Hethersett?

Stevie the hedgehog is missing. PHOTO: Roseanna Page

Stevie the hedgehog is missing. PHOTO: Roseanna Page - Credit: Archant

Stevie the hedgehog is blind and went missing from the Churchfields estate in Hethersett on June 13.

Stevie's owner Roseanna Page, 29, is hoping to find her missing pet who she adopted from Morley Wildlife Rescue where he was handed in as a baby.

Miss Page said: 'When Stevie and his siblings were handed in they were infested with maggots, the others all made full recoveries and were released back into the wild, but Stevie unfortunately lost his sight and did not seem to be getting to grips with foraging.

'He was re-homed to us as we have a good sized fully enclosed garden with no dogs and no pond.'

Miss Page described her missing pet as having a clouded left eye, being fairly blonde and quite chubby, although she warned that he may have lost some weight in the time he's been missing.

She said: 'It's his behaviour that is most notable as he is relatively confident around humans, I guess that could be because he doesn't often know you are there.

'Most hedgehogs curl into a ball if you go near them but if Stevie hears you he might lazily pop his forehead on the floor to make more of a prickly jelly bean shape rather than a ball for a moment or two and then carry on as usual.

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'He is also a little bit grumpy, if you accidentally startle him he is most likely to hiss at you rather than curl up.'

Miss Page is eager to find Stevie and implores anyone in the Hethersett area who thinks they may have seen him to get in touch.

Hedgehogs are an endangered species.