Pet cat goes missing from care home near Diss

Staff and residents at a south Norfolk care home have spoken of their distress after their pet cat disappeared without a trace.

Simba the tabby cat has become a valued resident at Oaklands in Scole, near Diss, after coming from a rescue centre three years ago.

But officials at the care home fear that the 11-year-old may have become the latest animal to be 'catknapped' in the area.

Katie Watson, manager at the home, off Norwich Road, said they had heard about other cats disappearing and being stolen in the Diss area.

She added that Simba had not gone missing before in the three years since he came from a cat rescue centre at Bedingfield, near Eye.

But on April 20, the tabby cat, who can normally be found curled up in the corner of the home's communal area, disappeared without a trace.

'We have done leaflet drops, put posters up and looked everywhere and he has disappeared off the face of the earth.'

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'The residents keep asking where he is and we do not know and we just hope that he is going to turn up. In the Diss area, there have been reports of cats being taken,' she said.

Anyone with information about Simba is asked to contact the residential home on 01379 740646.

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