Perseid meteor shower reaches peak over Norfolk

perseid meteor 2021

The Perseid meteor shower 2021 - Credit: David Bryant

The Perseid meteor shower has been spotted over Norfolk. It has reached its peak, and people were out in force to witness the annual event.

Photos of the incredible natural event have been shared with us, including this photo, taken by David Bryant in Blofield Heath. 

perseid meteor 2021

The Perseid meteor shower over Blofield Heath - Credit: David Bryant

The Perseid shower, named for the Perseus constellation, is made of debris from the Swift-Tuttle Comet.

This photo was taken last night, August 12, in Hevingham by Ian Knight:

perseid meteor

Meteors seen over Hevingham - Credit: Ian Knight

Last night, viewers could have seen 60 to 100 meteors in an hour.

This photo was taken by Ian Slater in his back garden in Framingham Pigot, he used a 30-second exposure so he could capture the movement of the meteor.

perseid meteor 2021

The meteor shower seen over Framingham Pigot - Credit: Ian Slater

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It will also be peaking again tonight, Friday, August 13.

The shower will continue until August 26, though meteors may be less frequent.

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