Peregrine falcon chicks fly from their Norwich Cathedral nest for first time

Two peregrine falcon chicks at Norwich Cathedral have flown from their nest, just days after one of their siblings died.

The chicks have been nurtured on a nesting platform installed by bird of prey conservation charity the Hawk and Owl Trust on the spire of Norwich Cathedral.

The chicks had been exercising their wings and teetering on the edge of the platform for several days and at 4.45am the male chick left the nest, followed later at 12.45pm by the female.

The chicks are now sitting on other parts of the cathedral roof where their parents will continue to feed them.

Leanne Thomas, Education Manager for the Hawk and Owl Trust said 'It is wonderful to see these spectacular birds leaving the nest and taking to the skies of Norwich.

'We hope that the adult peregrines are here to stay for many years and their chicks will be going out from the cathedral to increase the population in other parts of Norfolk and beyond.'

It is likely that the chicks will now stay with their parents around the Cathedral until the winter and maybe even into next year.

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However the youngest of the three chicks passed away at some point overnight on Saturday, after never developing properly.

Ms Thomas added: 'It is sad that one of the chicks did not survive but it is not unusual for the smallest in the brood to die before leaving the nest.

'Two healthy chicks flying is a fantastic start to what we hope will be many years of peregrines breeding in Norwich.'

The watch point at the Cathedral will continue to run until Sunday, June 24 and people can also visit the Fusion screen at The Forum in Norwich to see footage from this year's peregrine breeding season from Monday, June 25 through to Saturday, June 30.

There will also be a lunchtime talk about the cathedral peregrines project at 12.30pm on Thursday, June 28 and activities for children at The Forum on Saturday, June 30.

- To watch the falcons, go to

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