Norwich teacher questions home secretary over Covid policy in schools

Richard Porritt interviews Priti Patel MP at Westminster.

Priti Patel at Westminster

A primary school teacher from Norwich questioned the home secretary over the government's coronavirus policy on schools.

Priti Patel had just announced a new £800 fine for people who attend house parties during this third coronavirus lockdown.

But after outlining the new fine at the Downing Sreet press conference Robert, a primary school teacher from Norwich, was one of the first to be given the chance to quiz the home secretary.

He asked why, if the virus is more transmissible, were the regulations not tougher around who can attend schools.

The home secretary responded by saying all the measures in place in schools were subject to the coronavirus restrictions.

Dr Vin Diwakar, who appeared alongside the home secretary at the press conference, said there was “clearly a difficult balance to be struck” in deciding how to broaden out the definition a key worker, whose children are allowed to go to school during the lockdown.

He added that schools have clear guidance in how to reduce the spread of the virus and make sure everyone is safe.