Parts of Norfolk ranked as among worst places in country for young people

North Norfolk was ranked three out of 10 in the BBC survey. Pic: Mike Page.

North Norfolk was ranked three out of 10 in the BBC survey. Pic: Mike Page.

Parts of rural Norfolk have been rated as among the worst places for young people in the country to live, a survey has claimed.

The survey, carried out by BBC Newsbeat, considered issues such as access to mental health care, average rent prices, levels of unemployment, bus services, sports facilities, connectivity to 4G, the number of young people living in the areas and the number of pubs, clubs and music events.

Each area was given an average score out of 10, based on those issues.

Great Yarmouth, North Norfolk and South Norfolk were given scores of three out of 10, as was Waveney in Suffolk and Fenland in Cambridgeshire.

North Norfolk got a score of zero in the going out category, which looked at the number of bars, clubs and pubs and music events. There were 20 music events and 149 bars, clubs and pubs.

It also got a score of zero for sports facilities, with 95 in the district, according to the survey, while bus services got a score of one.

South Norfolk ranked zero for going out, with 115 bars, clubs and pubs and 12 music events. The 113 sports facilities led to it also getting a zero ranking in that category and one for bus services.

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Great Yarmouth got marks of one out of 10 for going out, employment, bus services and sports facilities.

Marks of four out of 10 were given to King's Lynn and West Norfolk, Breckland and Broadland.

Norwich was given a score of seven out of 10.

It only rated five out of 10 for going out, however, with the survey saying it had 153 bars, clubs and pubs and 226 music events.

The city got eight out of 10 for employment and 10 out of 10 for 4G coverage. It received a six out of 10 mark for bus services - the only district in Norfolk ranked higher than one out of 10.

The city was scored nine out of 10 for its youth population. Its 56 sports facilities earned it five out of 10 for sports facilities.

All Norfolk districts got 10 out 10 for mental health care, with 100pc of monthly NHS mental health therapy targets met.

The project also saw more than 1,000 young people aged 26 and below surveyed.

Of the 378 local authorities ranked in England, Scotland and Wales, Islington in London topped the rankings, while Melton in Leicestershire ranked bottom.

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