Parrot ate so many crisps she got too fat to fly


Bud the parrot ate so many crisps she became too fat to fly - Credit: RSPCA

A parrot who was so overweight she’d drop to the ground when she tried to fly has slimmed down after a crash diet in her new home. 

Amazon green parrot Bud arrived at the RSPCA’s Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk Branch in March 2020, after her owners could no longer take care of her. 

The 22-year-old bird was extremely obese thanks to an obsession with crisps.

Chloe Shorten - who works at the branch at Ashwellthorpe, near Wymondham, and now owns Bud - said: “Bud arrived just a few days before lockdown hit as she’d become too much for her owners and they could no longer take care of her. Parrots are incredibly intelligent birds and need quite specialist care - and we certainly had our hands full when she arrived.

"She was also extremely overweight, weighing in at a hefty 620g - more than 200g heavier than she should have been. While it’s tricky to tell from looking when a parrot is overweight you could tell when she tried to fly. She would literally drop to the floor.


Bud had to be placed on a crash diet after being rehomes by Chloe Shorten - Credit: RSPCA

“She has the hearing of a bat and can detect a packet of crisps being opened from four miles away."

Mrs Shorten and her husband Jason, who share their home in North Norfolk with three dogs and three cats, put her onto a strict diet which they also had to follow. It included fresh vegetables, nuts and Bud's new favourite food, bananas.

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“Crisps were strictly banned from our house so she couldn’t get hold of any.” Mrs Shorten said. “But, thankfully, she quickly lost the weight and she’s now much happier as a result. She’s loving life and can fly again; it’s great to see her soaring around the house.

“She is such a funny character and she brightens our days. She loves my husband and likes to serenade him with her rendition of the Addam’s Family theme tune.

“She likes to make an appearance on video calls which always surprises people and she also sometimes wolf-whistles at people so that can take some explaining when I’m on a work call.


Bud has now slimmed down enough to take to her wings again - Credit: RSPCA

“Parrots aren’t for the faint-hearted. They’re a lot of work and live for a long time so it’s incredibly important that people do their research before taking one on. They are, however, great fun and incredibly rewarding."