The new rules you need to know about for the return of parkrun

Gorleston Parkrun taking in the cliffs.

Gorleston Parkrun taking in the cliffs. - Credit: Richard Knibb

Parkrun's weekly 5K events will be returning across Norfolk this weekend with clear rules for all participants.

The running event, which was last held in March 2020, will be returning on Saturday, July 24, but with the following rules for its volunteers:

  • sanitise hands

  • observe local Covid guidelines

  • barcode scanning - at 5K one per 50 finishers, juniors will be one per 25 finishers

  • virtual volunteer app will be used for timing and scanning 

  • ask run director for QR code for to upload timer and barcode files

  • distance yourself

  • be kind

  • stay home if you or anyone in your household is unwell

Runners taking part in a parkrun at Chantry Park, Ipswich Picture: SIMON PARKER

Parkrun will be returning on Saturday, July 24.

Runners have also been advised to:

  • distance yourself

  • be quiet at the pre-event brief and start line

  • position yourself according to your estimated finish time

  • minimise amount of time spent close to others

  • respect other people's personal space

  • support your children to socially distance

  • observe local Covid guidelines

  • no spitting or high fiving

  • show your barcodes to the scanner from a distance

  • stay home if you or others in your household are unwell

Helen Hood, head of event delivery for parkrun, said: "We are pleased to announce that the large majority of 5k parkrun events in England will reopen on Saturday, July 24.

Rules from the Covid framework for volunteers at Parkrun.

Rules from the Covid framework for volunteers at Parkrun. - Credit: Parkrun

"Many of our teams would benefit from building their volunteer community.

"Please check out the future roster on your local event’s website, look out for any social media requests for help, sign-up to volunteer emails and grasp the opportunity to experience the joy of volunteering. 

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"Please do note that a small number of events are cancelled for various reasons and some events do not have permission to return yet, so we strongly recommend checking your local parkrun event page and/or their associated social media prior to making plans or travelling.

"In preparation for the return of parkrun in England, we would encourage you to familiarise yourself with our Covid codes.

"All parkrun events are required to follow our Covid framework." 

Parkrun's Covid framework was developed in collaboration with Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and will be used at all parkrun events for the foreseeable future.

Rules from the Covid framework for runners and walkers at Parkrun.

Rules from the Covid framework for runners and walkers at Parkrun. - Credit: Parkrun

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