PARKOUR VIDEO: King’s Lynn Free Runners need space to practise

Parkour practitioners and free runners in West Norfolk hope to find somewhere to train for their growing sport.

Urban athletes perfect ways of moving through their environment by running, vaulting, rolling and climbing.

But as the sport becomes more popular, some young people have been trying out their moves in unsuitable places, resulting in complaints.

Now King's Lynn Free Runners and Adam Garford, West Norfolk council's urban sports motivator, hope to find a suitable space for use as a training area.

Mr Garford said: 'Currently we are receiving complaints from members of the public and the police that people are practising in unsuitable places.

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'Therefore, we are working with King's Lynn Free Runners and the parkour community to look in to the option of building a specialist parkour facility that would be open for everyone to use free of charge.'

Kings Lynn Free Runners (KLFR) are a nine-strong team aged from 13 to 20, who have been practising the sport for three years.

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Two members - Jonathan Tembo and Matty Mallett - have won sponsorship from a streetwear company.

Mr Tembo said: 'I find it to be something I enjoy. It's different, fun and keeps me fit.

'It's my team mates that inspire me the most, as they're all good at different things, so whenever there's a challenge, we help each other out, as we all think differently and creatively.'

Team mate Mr Mallett said: 'I've been training since late October 2008, and I haven't looked back since.

'The Parkour facility means a lot to me because it keeps us away from trouble. We want somewhere to train where we can do what we do freely, without consequences.'

Mr Garford added: 'After researching parkour I came across KLFR, we met and chatted through some ideas and discussed what facilities were available.

'It was apparent that there were no facilities for parkour within the area. From there I worked closely with KLFR to change this.'

A club was set up at Lynnsport after 120 people took part in an open day in The walks. Free runners hope people interested in the sport will donate towards the cost of finding a facility. They hold classes at Lynnsport every Saturday (6.30pm). If you can help find a facility or would like to find out more e-mail

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