Parking firm NTC offer reward for return of missing bear which left three-year-old Liberty “devastated”

Bear was lost in Norwich on Wednesday. Picture: Leon McNab

Bear was lost in Norwich on Wednesday. Picture: Leon McNab - Credit: Archant

Little three-year-old Liberty is devastated after losing her lifelong teddy, named Bear, in Norwich city centre on Wednesday.

And her parents, Sarah and Leon McNab, were equally furious having been slapped with a parking ticket during their search for the missing toy.

After reviewing the circumstances of the ticket, Norwich Traffic Control has cancelled it and offered to pay its value to anyone who finds the bear.

Before returning to Hopton from their day in the city, the McNab family decided to have one more look for Bear at Chapelfield food court because Liberty was 'hysterical'.

They parked up at a tiny NTC managed car park off Chantry Road for four minutes before a parking attendant caught them.

'We have still not found the bear,' said Mrs McNab, a nurse at the James Paget.

'We spent two hours looking for it until we thought we would have to go home. I had said to my husband just pull over and have a check up at the food hall because we had eaten at McDonald's.'

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Mrs McNab, 27, said when a parking attendant arrived she explained they had lost the bear.

'He just said 'That's not my fault - you shouldn't be parked here'. He could see my daughter was upset,' she said. 'The car park was completely empty and the road outside was all double yellows.

'He said he was on camera so he couldn't do anything. I said we would move the car but he slapped the ticket on anyway.'

The family had eaten at Chapelfield food hall before making their way to Primark and along Gentleman's Walk, before playing on the rides outside Boots in the Castle Mall. At some point on the journey they lost the bear.

'I phoned every single shop we went in,' added Mrs McNab. 'Liberty is devastated. We had to deal with her crying all evening because she wants the bear. We went to other toy shops but she's not having any of it.'

A spokesman for NTC said they had reviewed the footage from a bodycam of their attendant.

'While the ticket was issued fairly we will cancel the ticket,' he said. 'If the bear is found we will make a cheque payment to whoever handed it in of £60, which was the value of the ticket.

'We all understand our children have attachments.'

Anyone with information about Bear should email