Park location for Wymondham Town Council offices?

Kett's Park in Wymondham. Picture by: Sonya Duncan

Kett's Park in Wymondham. Picture by: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

New Wymondham Town Council offices could be built at Kett's Park, it can be revealed.

The Kett's Park Working Group will ask the council for approval at a meeting on Tuesday to approve an investigation into the idea of building new offices on council-owned land to the right-hand side of the entrance to the park in Harts Farm Road.

The current council offices in Middleton Street are not owned by the council and cost £27,500 a year to rent, plus maintenance costs.

Working group member and councillor Lee Hornby said: 'The council desperately needs new offices and we're exploring all possibilities. The site is the only piece of land that the council owns there so it would mean that we wouldn't have to purchase land. We've looked at it and we think it's a possibility but before we go forward we have to get the agreement of the council.'

Peter Broome, a councillor who is also chairman of the working group, said in a statement: 'The yard at the rear of the offices is becoming too small to accommodate all the equipment now needed to maintain an ever-expanding Wymondham.

'[Kett's Park] is on a principal route through Wymondham, there will be plenty of parking for visitors to the office and, finally the new office will provide the council with a fully-equipped building to serve Wymondham in the future.'

The council meeting, at the Central Hall, will start at 7.30pm.